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What is Laser Season?

November to April is what we call Laser Season at CMA. Certainly, there are many, many options for treatment and rejuvenation the whole year long. But without a doubt, for resurfacing of the skin or procedures that require avoidance of the sun for the best outcomes and best safety profiles, now is the time to prepare and execute!

One such procedure is laser resurfacing, which creates brand new skin and improves texture and tone, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation and redness. Treatments can be performed over time with little downtime or more intensely in one or two sessions with a bit more downtime depending on the intensity of the treatments and the changes desired. By getting started now, the skin has ample time to be ready for the summer months.

When planning for big events, it is also best to begin early to achieve natural-looking results using energy-based technology (lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, plasma).  Initially, our patients see an improvement in superficial tone and texture just one to two weeks after the first treatment but new collagen is not seen until about six weeks after the initial session and continues to build from there. Some treatments take 3-6 months to show their best improvements, and the skin can continue to improve from 12-24 months more with new collagen, elastin, and even natural volumization through the formation of hyaluronic acid. Collagen builds skin thickness and reduces wrinkles, elastin restores elasticity, and the ‘snap back’ effect we want in skin and hyaluronic acid is a molecule that acts like a sponge to draw in and hold water. It is often injected in the form of fillers, but it can actually be produced naturally in the body by a specific method using a long-pulsed radiofrequency technology called Profound. This is an ideal way to rebuild HA and even elastin that avoids all fillers.

There are so many incredible ways to combine technologies and apply so many methods to turn the clock back on skin, creating healthy skin that not only looks great but is better able to withstand environmental and age-related changes that leave the skin vulnerable to skin diseases. Every step of the way, our goal is to treat in a way that gives patients the most refreshed appearance and natural-looking result. By starting now, in the safety of a less potent sun, we can allow for the natural biostimulatory processes to take place to achieve optimal results down the road – in time for the next big event or by summer.