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September 29, 2023

Dr Schallen: A Word of Experience

A World of Experience | Boston, New York City, and Rome, ItalyOver the past month, Dr. Konika Schallen traveled to Boston, New York City, and Rome, Italy. Dr. Schallen has extensive knowledge and collaborates with the top experts in the laser and aesthetic industry. She educated and presented at the Candela Academy Conference in Rome, Italy, and addressed an audience…
Konika Schallen, MD
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November 4, 2022

Why Laser in Winter

November to April is what we call Laser Season at CMA. Certainly, there are many, many options for treatment and rejuvenation the whole year long. But without a doubt, for resurfacing of the skin or procedures that require avoidance of the sun for the best outcomes and best safety profiles, now is the time to prepare and execute! One such…