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February 3, 2023


Dr. Schallen traveled to Paris last weekend to teach at the IMCAS  (International Master Course on Aging Science) World Congress 2023. With nearly 20,000 attendees, it is one of the most important  meetings highlighting new products and technology that are at the forefront of the ever advancing aesthetic space . Here, Dr.Schallen joins the expert panel to discuss PicoSecond laser…
CMA NewsDr. SchallenTreatments
January 25, 2023

New technology at CMA Medicine

We have some amazing updates for you from CMA Medicine this year! We’ve recently welcomed two incredible new devices to our arsenal- the CoolSculpting Elite &  Profound Matrix . The CoolSculpting Elite is the newest technology that helps you to reduce stubborn fat, which allows us to deliver extraordinary results! We have also acquired the Profound Matrix device. This is…
CMA NewsDr. SchallenTreatments
January 9, 2023

Life Changing Laser Treatments

 Dr. Schallen traveled to Boston to the Candela Institute of Excellence to collaborate with other physicians at the Vascular Birthmark Foundation. Dr. Schallen was able to treat children and adults that were affected with birth marks, port wine stains, and hemangiomas. The foundation was able to provide free ultrasounds, laser sessions, consultations, and access to renowned specialists in the field…
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April 4, 2022

April 2022 News & Promotions

Team News We Have A Tiny New Team Member! Korrie Pujadas, had her baby We are excited about the new addition to the Mayo family. Madelyn Joy Mayo, born 1/28/2022. Jackie Hanna Meet Jackie, Our Experienced Esthetician with CMA. Specializing in Ultherapy. Ashley Riddley Congratulations to Ashley on earning her Facial Specialty degree this month. April Specials Countdown to summer. Slim down and shape up. 20% off all…
CMA News
November 21, 2021

Covid-19 Update

In the interest of community health, CMA Medicine will remain closed until May 8. During this time, we will be available for virtual consultations, product purchase, and curbside pick up. If you have a scheduled appointment, we will reach out to reschedule. If you have any questions, please call us at 904-772-5828 or email us at info@cmamedicine.com We are committed…
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November 21, 2021

Thank You Syneron Candela Australia

THANK YOU SYNERON CANDELA AUSTRALIA! So exciting to be able to share in what I believe is a groundbreaking treatment for women with such an energetic and experienced group of professionals. Looking forward to seeing this exciting new frontier develop. Thank you Syneron Candela Australia! “We have been extremely fortunate to have Dr Konika Patel Schallen, MD from Jacksonville, Florida…
CMA NewsTreatments
November 21, 2021

Catalina From iHeart-Radio Stops By

Am I Tommy Wiseau, James Franco as Tommy Wiseau or a girl with soon-to-be hairless legs? _ #ad Anyone who says they love shaving is a damn lie. Don’t you wanna live that life where you don’t have to scramble to shave before a beach day? Go see my girls at CMA Medicine while laser hair removal is BOGO. Yes.…
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November 21, 2021

#1 Tattoo Removal Jacksonville – Void Mag

Permanent Is A Thing Of The Past! Jacksonville’s Laser Tattoo Removal Experts Don’t Fret Over Regrets Tattoos are an art form, and so is tattoo removal. Ink comes in different colors, with different composition and is placed at various depths of the skin. Getting to that ink while keeping your skin healthy requires expertise with the latest technologies. Whether you…