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Services for Men

Popular Solutions
for Men

– Hair Loss/Thinning
– Facial Rejuvenation
– Wrinkles
– Tattoo Removal
– Back/Neck Hair Removal

We know men want to look as good as they feel, too! Laser hair removal of the back and chest, PRP treatments for stimulation of hair growth, laser treatments for an energized and healthy look, or natural looking injectable treatments are all among services that are designed especially with men in mind.

Acne Treatments

Active acne for a variety of ages, as well as treatment of acne scars using a multi-modal approach is one of our passions.

PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma injections help naturally renew tissue using your own growth factors to improve blood flow to skin and soft tissue for hair growth and better skin.

Happy Feet

Improve painful plantar fasciitis or unsightly toenail fungus using energy and heat for healthy, happy feet.

Aesthetician Services

Our signature facial treatments keep skin healthy while you get a little break in your day.

Skin Care Products

Our products are medical grade and represent the latest advances in skin care. We carry a range of products to best suit the variety of needs of our patients.

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