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Tattoo Removal

Permanent is a thing of the past! Jacksonville's laser tattoo removal experts, Don't fret over regrets.

Tattoos are an art form, and so is tattoo removal. Ink comes in different colors, with different composition and is placed at various depths of the skin. Getting to that ink while keeping your skin healthy requires expertise with the latest technologies. Whether you have regrets or just want a new canvas for your expression, we can remove your old tattoos with the newest and most efficient laser on the market.

Let our laser specialists rework your ink with a plan that is right for you and with the latest tattoo removal laser technology.

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Treatments Offered


The PicoWay laser is an FDA-cleared picosecond laser that treats acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions (dark spots) and tattoo removal.

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Alex TriVantage

The Alex TriVantage® device treats multicolor tattoos as well as benign pigmented lesions.

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Your tattoo removal experience

1. Tattoo Consultation
Every tattoo is different, as well as your skin type. During your consultation, we will determine how many treatment sessions will be needed to remove your tattoo completely.

2. Session Pricing
We will provide you with a quote and timeline at the time of your free consultation, both on a per session basis as well as a packaged price.

3. The Treatments
Your laser tattoo removal sessions will be every 6 weeks. Come at least 20 minutes early if you would like topical numbing cream for your treatment.

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Before & After Photos
PicoWay PicoWay
PicoWay PicoWay
PicoWay PicoWay

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

The treatment process varies for an individual tattoo depending on the ink density, colors, and whether it is an amateur or professional tattoo. In general, tattoos can be removed in about six to ten treatments.

Is the treatment painful?

With ultra-short pulses of energy, there is minimal discomfort in the tattoo removal process. There is topical numbing cream available to enhance your comfort.

Why choose CMA

It’s simple, our experience helps you obtain the best possibilities for safe treatments and great results. Our Picoway laser uses the latest technology to deliver ultra short pulses of energy which breaks the tattoo ink into the very smallest particles, making it easier for your body to eliminate. This laser is the fastest tattoo removal laser on the market to help you obtain your results efficiently and effectively.