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Many people consider surgical facelifts to address the signs of aging, laxity created by the loss of collagen and elastin overtime and recontour features, but a non-surgical facelift may be an option. We begin to lose collagen and elastin volumes in our skin as early as our 20s and this process accelerates after our 40’s. Collagen gives our skin even texture and thickness and the elastin protein allows our skin to snap-back into place and maintain shape after stretching. We also lose quantities of hyaluronic acid which is a molecule that essentially acts like a sponge that holds water in our skin, giving the appearance of fullness and hydration.

Sun exposure and hormonal changes are the main culprits which break down these important skin components faster in addition to giving rise to unwanted pigmentation and redness. This is why most people have slightly less volume, slightly more wrinkling or folds and more unwanted pigment on the left side of their face (the driver’s side!) than their right. Of course, on the the other side of the pond, in the UK the opposite holds true. As an aside, tinting those windows with UVA/UVB protection is a good idea to decrease this damage.
In addition to added awareness for prevention and healthy habits such as using sunscreen, eating well and getting a good night’s rest, advances in medicine and technology have made it possible to slow down and even reverse the effects of time allowing for a natural rejuvenated appearance. In some cases, surgery really is the most definitive treatment but for those who wish to avoid or delay surgery and also for those who may undergo surgery at some point but want the best possible appearance for the skin and tissue that remains, non-invasive rejuvenation treatments are highly effective in maintaining skin thickness, elasticity and hydration by augmenting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are possibilities that don’t require time away from our busy lives. Heat generated through lasers and light sources, ultrasound, and radiofrequency all work in different ways to make this happen.

Injectable products also can be used in special ways not only to fill areas but also to recontour and stimulate production of collagen and even new bone through a process called biostimulation. Growth factors can be added using your own blood products concentrated and reinjected back into the skin to further stimulate the skin and help it to heal quickly after procedures. In some instances, injectable growth factor from platelet rich plasma can be used in the place of synthetic fillers for patients who do not want to inject synthetic product to help with texture, fine lines, volume and even unwanted pigment.
Products that are tried and true with extensive history of safety can be applied in new ways that minimize bruising and avoid sharp needles and even bruising can even be rapidly eliminated using lasers and light. So, there are many ways to maintain skin and facial structure in a very natural way to give a natural appearance for both women and men, without going under the knife, providing options for prevention and maintenance with less down time and risk, through a non-surgical facelift method.

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