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What’s Happening at CMA Medicine

The new CMA website is here! We have listened to your suggestions for providing an elite experience for each customer.

What’s new on the CMA Website?

• Schedule Appointments!
• Virtual Consults!
• Shop for Products!
• Learn about Treatments Offered!

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Team News

aesthetic medicine

Korrie Pujadas | We Have A Tiny New Team Member!

Korrie had her baby! Tune in to the April newsletter to see pictures.

Introducing: Becka | Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

Becka Is a certified clinical medical assistant who has been assisting providers in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and skincare for over 9 years. Her passion is to share her knowledge and extensive training with the rest of the world and formulate treatments plans to achieve patients desired results.

aesthetic medicine

Alex Fletcher | Marketing Social Media Manager

Alex’s cheer team wins American Open Championships in Orlando. Congratulations Red Rain of Rivercity All Stars.


Belotero Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Belotero Hyaluronic Acid Filler is a natural and soft looking filler, perfect for lips, fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes. $75 off for the months of March and April!


Only $10 per unit for the months of March and April!


Up to $2,000 Off a customized package!

We will be offering customized packages in the months of March and April. There are limited appointments available, you won’t want to miss out!

Ultherapy Special

  • Builds collagen at 3 different levels.
  • Penetrates deeper than any other device.
  • Non-invasive procedure with no downtime!
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In The News

What is A Non-Surgical Facelift?

Did you know we lose collagen and elastin in our 20’s and it accelerates after our 40’s?

Collagen gives our skin even texture and the elastin protein allows our skin to snap back into place! To combat this natural change, we can reduce sun exposure, eat well and get a good night’s rest! However, sometimes our skin needs a little help, and CMA offers non-invasive rejuvenation treatments to help.

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Candela Medical | North America Regional Sales Meeting

Dr. Schallen in Austin Texas presenting to Candela’s National Sales team on Radio Frequency and Micro Needling.

Learn More About Microneedling