Thank You Syneron Candela Australia!

So exciting to be able to share in what I believe is a groundbreaking treatment for women with such an energetic and experienced group of professionals. Looking forward to seeing this exciting new frontier develop. Thank you Syneron Candela Australia!

We have been extremely fortunate to have Dr Konika Patel Schallen, MD from Jacksonville, Florida visit Australia to educate local Health Care Professionals on Co2Re Intima. Co2Re Intima is a medical laser that delivers CO2 energy to the vaginal or vulvar tissue for the treatment of female rejuvenation and vulvovaginal atrophy.”

– Michael Reed

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At CMA Medicine, a variety of skin conditions can be treated with minimal downtime. The pulsed dye laser is used for the treatment of vascular lesions, such as Rosacea, sun spots, facial veins and Port Wine Stains. Stretch marks, warts, scars, and psoriasis can also...


Am I Tommy Wiseau, James Franco as Tommy Wiseau or a girl with soon-to-be hairless legs? _ #ad Anyone who says they love shaving is a damn lie. Don’t you wanna live that life where you don’t have to scramble to shave before a beach day? Go see my girls at CMA Medicine...


At CMA Medicine, we offer state of the art laser tattoo removal with PicoWay technology. The PicoWay is a picosecond Q switch laser used for tattoo removal that targets the ink using photo-acoustic technology, therefore, allowing the most tattoo clearance. The ink is...

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