Summer Skincare Tips

By: Korrie Pujadas, ARNP FNP-BC

Ok, so summertime is here! Don’t let the sun have you afraid your sun spots might return. Let’s face it we live in Florida! This time of year is for the beach, pool, and boat rides with friends and family. Will you back track if you stop your retinol because you are going to the beach for 4th of July? Don’t worry I have a couple of trick for you to keep your skin glowing while protecting it from the intense rays here in the sunshine state.

What is difference of using medical grade sunscreens like the ones we carry at CMA Medicine versus the kind you can get at your local drug store? Our sunscreens are physical block sunscreens with titanium and zinc oxide to get you the max protection from the sun. Most sunscreens you buy at your local drug store are made with a chemical block made up of a variety of different ingredients that sun can still penetrate through. Any advice I wish I could have given myself years ago would be to invest in a good physical block sunscreen. Growing up fishing and scuba diving, sun protection is a must! Our variety of sunscreens at CMA allow us to enjoy the beautiful summer here in Florida without stimulating pigment or clogging pores.

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than running into friends you haven’t seen in ages with not an ounce of makeup on at the pool. EltaMD UV elements is a must for the summer. It is an oil-freewater-resistantnt, SPF 44 physical block sunscreen with zinc oxide. This tinted sunscreen matches all skin types and leaves your skin with a dewy, glow. Don’t worry about hiding any blemish or sunspot, this sunscreen provides you with the perfect amount of coverage.

Are you afraid your sunblock will break you out? Don’t worry! I have personally experienced the burning of Banana Boat on your face and waking up with the dreaded pimples from the sunscreen. Elta UV clear and UV elements are both oil-free to prevent any clogged pores or irritation to the skin. Elta UV clear is perfect for your daily sunscreen under your makeup or for your teenagers. It is oil-free and comes tinted and non-tinted. I use this product instead of my daily moisturizer leaving the skin moisturized and sun protected.

Don’t forget the biggest trick to prevent sunburn is the reapplication every 2 hours! Let’s face it, your sandy, there is no mirror and some of us just don’t feel like putting any more sunscreen on. The Colorescience brush on sunscreen SPF 50 is amazing to keep in your beach bag to just reapply throughout the day. The consistency is similar to a mineral powder so don’t worry if you have acne prone skin. This sunscreen is perfect for all skin types. You can apply it alone or over your makeup.

Do you feel your beach bag has enough sunscreen to last you years? Tired of carrying every sunscreen in your bag because you need to cover yourself, your kiddos, your face, and your husband. Pack the one and only EltaMD UV sport SPF 50. It is a physical, water-resistant, oil-free sunblock safe for the face and body. If you can only carry one sunscreen this is the one to bring! I have used this for every trip the Florida Keys and never get burned. I swear by this product for all of your loved ones!

Ok so what do you do when you can’t use your retinol because of the sun?

We have a lot of non-retinol skin care supplements to help brighten the skin and prevent the reoccurrence of pigment. My favorite skin brightener is a good vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals from the pollution in the environment and helps brighten skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. My favorite vitamin C is phloretin CF by Skin Ceuticals. It is loaded with pure vitamin C and ferulic acid that helps diminish hyperpigmentation and increase cell turnover. You can use this product under your makeup to help brighten the skin and prevent future pigment. For those with dryer skin, the CE Feurulic by Skin Ceuticals is a great addition to your skin care regimen. It will protect against harmful UV rays, pollution and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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