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Duval Delight

$99 – Feeling like you need a little pick me up? Replace essential minerals and electrolytes quickly with this hydrating and balancing infusion.

– Normal Saline Solution
– B complex

Pain Killer

$125 – Did you overindulge on a night out with your friends? Take the “Midnight Train” a little faster with additional vitamins and meds to get you on the recovery track!

– Normal Saline Solution
– Anti Nausea medication
– Anti Acid

Fresh Air

$125 – Under the weather? Have no fear! This infusion is armed with just the right amount of vitamin c, zinc, vitamin D, and Echinacea to have you up and running in no time.

– Normal Saline Solution
– Ascorbic Acid
– Multivitamin

Envy Me

$180 – The Ultimate anti-aging cocktail. Radiate from the inside out and give your hair, skin and nails the TLC they need!

– Glutathione
– B complex

[B12 Shots – $20]

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