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Love your Lips & Lose your Lines!

1. Free ZO LIPREBUILD with purchase of filler!

Bioengineered to reverse and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology.

  • Helps restore lips to their natural, rosy color
  • Helps plump lips to improve overall shape, size and contour


2. 15% Off Volbella

This revolutionary product is most commonly used for lip redefining, modest lip enhancements and rehydrating and restoring lost volume to the lips. It can also be injected into other areas in order to reduce the appearance of lip lines and other fine lines throughout the face. As an added benefit, the JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® hyaluronic acid gel comes pre-mixed with lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, for a more comfortable treatment experience.


3. Free Lip Flip with the purchase of 20 or more units of Botox

Do you feel like you have a small upper lip? A couple of units of Botox for this gorgeous lip can create a great lip flip. Perfect solution if you are nervous about fillers but want an upper lip.


4. Ask about our new Nordly’s IPL treatment for a natural lip plump without injectables! Special pricing this month only!

This exclusive treatment from Europe resurfaces the skin of your lips and stimulates new collagen to naturally smooth and plump without the need for filler.

Each month you’ll find special pricing on Botox Cosmetic, Body Sculpting, Tattoo Removal,
Laser Hair Removal, and other cosmetic enhancements.

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