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As we head into the summer months we all begin to think about sunscreen a little more. Most people don’t realize that wearing sunscreen is important all year long whether you are heading to the beach, into the office or gym. Exposure to harmful UVA and UVB sun rays can occur on a short walk, driving in the car or even when sitting by a sunny restaurant window. Sun exposure can cause sun damage, early onset aging and skin cancer.  

All Sunscreens are not the same. Sunscreens are broken into two main categories, Physical Sunblock and Chemical Sunblock. Each type has a different make up and mechanism of action.  Chemical Sunscreens absorb into the skin and then work by absorbing the UV rays.  After the rays are absorbed, they are converted to heat in the body and then released by the body. Chemical blocks are absorbed quickly & are effective starting 20 minutes after being applied. This is definitely something to keep in mind when doing any type of outdoor activity. We remind our patients to allow time for the sunblock to become effective. Chemical Blocks are often used when a water proof product is needed. Most Chemical Blocks have the active ingredients Avobenzone,  Octinoxate & Oxybenzone.  

Physical Sunblock works by sitting on top of the skin, when the sun rays hit the sunblock they are reflected off of it. Once applied the block begins working immediately. This type block tends to be less irritating, have a longer shelf life and be a better option for sensitive skin. Our patients with rosacea & redness benefit from the properties that Physical Sunblocks have. Since the sun rays are not being absorbed the skin stays cooler and redness and rosacea are not intensified. One down side to Physical Blocks is that they are harder to fully blend into the skin and can feel heavy. The minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the main active ingredients in Physical Sunblock. Whether choosing a Chemical Sunblock or Physical Sunblock it is important to remember that sunscreen must be reapplied to maintain effectiveness. 

Sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine. To get the best results it should be massaged thoroughly into the skin and given time to dry. People often ask how much should be applied we like to say when covering your entire body, a full shot glass of the sunblock is the appropriate amount.  People commonly miss spots on their bodies, these spots are the back, sides of face, neck & tops of the ears. It is important to make sure that the sunscreen is broad spectrum (protecting against both UVA &UVB rays). In addition, it is important that products are fragrance free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), oil free, paraben free and a SPF of 30 or higher. 

At CMA Medicine we carry a variety of sunscreens and other skin care products. We have specialized treatments to treat patients with past sun damage and pigmentation. We look at each individuals specific needs and create customized treatment plans to achieve their ultimate goals.  It is never too late to add sunscreen as part of your daily routine! For more information please call our office at (904)772-5828. 

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How I Treat Acne with VBeam  Prima

How I Treat Acne with VBeam  Prima

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Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disease worldwide and inflammatory acne has a significant psychological impact with potential for long-term emotional and physical sequelae. (1)

Acne Treatments

Energy based treatments are useful both as adjuncts to traditional therapies and particularly for patients unable or not amenable to antibiotic, hormonal or retinoid based topical or systemic therapy.

Simply stated, the acne lesion is a result of defective keratinization of the follicular duct resulting in a distended sebaceous follicle which becomes plugged with sebum and debris. Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) bacterial overgrowth perpetuates the lesion and contributes to inflammation. Inflammatory lesions, papules and ustules can be large and tender and when persistent over time can lead to scarring.

Pulse Dye laser treatments at the 595nm wavelength (VBeam, VBeam Prima) are indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris and the mechanism of action is multi-fold.  Erythematous papules and pustules have both a vascular and inflammatory component and VBeam has long been shown to be a safe and effective gold-standard technology for the coagulation of vascular lesions.  The inflammatory component is improved as PDL energy upregulates TGF-beta, a potent immunosuppressive cytokine. (2) Moreover, reduction of P.acnes by the 595nm wavelength effectively targets porphyrins inducing thermal damage to the bacteria. (3)

Our patient population includes both male and female patients over a range of ages from adolescence through to the peri-menopausal period. VBeam is our laser of choice as a safe an effective treatment. Cryogen cooling effectively cools the epidermis and provides comfort especially for our adolescent population. The 595nm wavelength does not have any depilatory effects and can also be used in males without concern for reduction of facial hair.  Reduction in lesion size and inflammation is noted rapidly with significant reduction within the first 24 hours after therapy.

Protocol pre-treatment involves holding any topical or retinol therapy two to three days prior to treatment and can be resumed the day after treatment. Immediately prior, the skin is prepared by thoroughly cleansing and drying.

Typical parameters are as follows:

Spot Size between 7-15mm. Smaller spot sizes are only selected in the case of discrete lesions in darker skin type patients up to Fitzpatrick skin type IV.

Otherwise, the 13-15mm spot sizes of VBeam Prima are used to cover the full face overall acne prone areas in two passes. The first pass is a generalized pass with the pulse duration of 6ms and energies from 6-7 J/cm2. The second pass covers discrete lesions using 10-15 mm spot size selected depending upon the density of the lesions with a 3ms pulse duration and 5-6.5 J/cm2. DCD is used with a 30ms spray and 20 ms delay.  Slight darkening and erythema of the inflammatory lesions is noted as a treatment endpoint. The skin is cooled afterward and sun protection is applied.


The zoom handpiece and single calibration capabilities of the VBeam Prima make the treatment very fast and easy to apply. The larger spot sizes also increase speed and decrease the number of pulses required for the patient.

Improvement is noted after a single session and the protocol involves monthly treatments for 3-5 sessions for mild to moderate cases. For optimal results in patients with more significant inflammatory lesions, treatments are scheduled every two-three weeks. Once control is achieved, which is typically within 6-8 weeks, the duration between sessions is lengthened to monthly intervals.

Treatment of such an important condition is safe, effective and easily applied with the VBeam Prima.


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Kristin Davis + CoolSculpting

Why Kristin Davis Chose the CoolSculpting® Treatment

Actress, philanthropist and mom, Kristin Davis, is joining the CoolSculpting® movement to freeze away stubborn fat. Kristin is partnering with CoolSculpting® to educate women about the treatment as the solution to fit into their favorite pair of jeans.

“CoolSculpting® takes as little as 35 minutes with little to no downtime, so I can pick up my children from school, and look great in my jeans when meeting my friends for dinner.”

– Kristin Davis on why she loves CoolSculpting® 

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