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While acne is a condition common for many teenagers, for some it also extends into adulthood. Acne is complex and has a numerous amount of causes. Bacteria, stress, oil, and hormones can all contribute to acne issues.

We have a variety of treatments to treat all types of acne and acne scars. There is finally a cure to give you the skin you’ve always wanted. Treatments for active acne, acne scars, and to keep your skin clear long-term.

Acne Laser Facial | State of the Art Laser Technology

Don't let active #acne get you down. Our state of the art laser technology can treat active acne as well as acne scarring. The results are amazing!!! Dr. Schallen fills you in on the details. Reach out to us with your questions or reserve a free consultation for your custom acne solution (904) 772-5828! Learn more about our Back to School Acne Special at: http://bit.ly/2vIHQux

Posted by CMA Medicine on Thursday, August 10, 2017


We have a variety of treatments to treat all types of acne and acne scars. There is finally a cure to give you the skin you’ve always wanted. Hesitant about prescription medication because of the side effects? We understand. We use heat and other modalities to kill the bacteria, decrease the oil production, and treat acne gently and safely.



At CMA medicine we provide individualized treatment plans to target and clear your specific acne concerns.

The most important part of your treatment is aftercare. This includes a skin care product regimen curated just for your skin. Our team will provide you with the doctor’s recommendations to keep your skin glowing.

Since we offer the most advanced laser technology for treating acne and acne scars, your complimentary consultation will determine a treatment plan that is based on your individual skin type.


What causes acne?

A. Acne can be caused by a variety of factors including bacteria, oil, hormones, and stress. Sometimes a combination approach is needed to resolve acne. This method can include but not limited to topical prescriptions, lasers, peels, and medical grade skin care.

Do you treat acne scarring?

A. Yes, we treat active acne lesions as well as acne scarring. There is a variety of scarring that can present after acne. Our specialists are able to identify the type of scarring that you have and choose the correct modality for that type of scar.

Q. What programs do you have available for teenagers?

A. We have a great program available for our teenagers and students. In our program, they will receive treatments every 2 weeks. We put the teenager’s skin through an acne boot camp with our skincare experts. Patients will have a variety of treatments including lasers, peels, and micro needling to treat acne at a reasonable cost.

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